A few good reasons to buy in the Arrowcreek / Kitchener area

(July 05, 2016 )

When people make their wishlist of what they want their new home to have, they often have criteria that directly conflict with each other.  One example of this is wanting the privacy of living in the wilds of BC while still having relatively easy access to the amenities of town. The Arrowcreek and Kitchener areas can provide this.  

Most of the properties for sale in this area have several acres of land, and many also border Crown land.  While you would have neighbors, you likely would not see them unless you want to.  Your most common visitors will be the wildlife.  With the Crown land access, you could leave from from your property on foot, horseback, or ATV / snowmobile, and explore for hours or days.  If you happen to be a hunter or photographer, imagine the convenience of walking out your back door and accessing thousands of acres filled with almost every single type of animal found in the BC interior. 

When it is time to run for groceries, or you feel like socializing, or you need to visit the hospital, Creston is only 10-20 minute drive away on maintained paved roads, quicker than a big city commute! 

Contact me for more information about properties for sale in the Arrowcreek and Kitchener areas!

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