Why I Chose Creston

I love the Creston valley.  I was not born here, I did not grow up here, but now that I am here I don’t plan on leaving. I am a flatlander, born and raised in mostly small towns throughout Saskatchewan.  In 2001, I moved to BC, settling down in Grand Forks.  While there, I spent many of my days off exploring.  With all my family living east of me, I had plenty of opportunity to drive through, and fall in love with, the Creston area.   In 2010, my wife and I made the decision to move our family to the Creston valley.  We weren’t able to complete our move until 2012, but the wait has been worth it.   Creston offers opportunities for whatever lifestyle a person wants.  It is easy to relax with the slower pace that a small town offers.  If  you want to be busy, there are many activities, service groups and volunteer organizations to take up your time.   Within 15 minutes you can go from mountains to the lake, and from forest to farmland.  Within a couple hours, you have your choice of multiple world-class ski hills in winter and golf courses in summer, including some right in our valley. After growing up with the wind and cold of prairie winters, the calm, mild winter in Creston can’t be beat.  You can enjoy a white Christmas that is still warm enough for the kids to be able to play outside.  The summer is mostly warm and dry, but with easy access to lakes, rivers, and creeks, the heat is easy to deal with. The Creston valley has excellent schools, an amazing rec center with an indoor pool, and plenty of options for youth sports and other activities. Finally, one of the top reasons to choose Creston is the people.  I am reminded of the sense of community that I experienced while growing up in small towns in Saskatchewan.  People will go out of their way to help their neighbors, friends, and even those they haven’t met yet.   If this sounds like a place you would like to live, call or email me.  I would be pleased to help you make Creston your home.